How Would You Describe This Attitude of Ghanaians?

I was in high school when Sarkodie, the Rapperholic man released his first single, Baby. My friends and I rushed to the Internet cafe to download it. We bluetoothed and used it as our ringtone. That year, Sarkodie was playing shows all over the country with R2Bees and Guru. I remember very well, way back in Tema, community 4. Mind you, I am not saying I knew Sark then. But my friends were close to him. 

Few years along the line, Sarkodie has become a global sensation, travelling around the world and looking so plush and cute. The ladies are so much in love with Ghana's fastest rapper. He has become brand ambassador for several companies in Ghana and abroad. The guy is making it. God has blessed them. That's it.
I don’t remember the exact year, but lots of people insulted and accused and attacked Sark when he released his album, Illuminati, which according to sources, its official video was shot in Dubai. I also heard they spent $90, 000 on the video shoot. Well, that’s all good.

Yes, Ghanaians hailed him. Many said he was doing so well. But after releasing Illuminati, I heard people bombast Sark has joined The Illuminati, and now worships Satan and his demons.
These same Ghanaians who hailed him and said all the good things about him were the very ones who were accusing him of joining the Illuminati. They judged him without even hearing the other side of the story.  But “Sark” replied them in his song. “It’s the blessing of the Lord.” And of course it is. I have heard stories of other prominent Ghanaians who have also been branded as members of Illuminati and all that, yet not even a single person had come out with evidences. I am speaking to our attitude as a people.

Then came Banana. Sorry, I mean Bandana. His name always confuses me. We saw him a few times after releasing his album and that was it. We never heard of him until recently when he came back as “Shatta Wale” where he released his hit song, “Everybody like my Thing.” And today he is making it big time in the music industry even though I know many people say he is arrogant. You see, when someone is trying to be different we Ghanaian do not like it. We always want our Celebs to do things just as we do our things. How unfortunate!
One thing I have realized is, when you are young and trying hard to build an ark like the one Noah built before the flood set in, many people will doubt you. They will call you names. They will do all they can to discourage you. Even Noah had a taste of this dumsoristic attitude.

 So, yes, Ghanaians accused Shatta, too, of joining some cult or Illuminati just because now he is making it. For Ghanaians, their big question is: Shatta Wale, where did you go and what did you go and do?
Who knows, maybe all these accusations are just misjudgments. Who knows, the other side of the story? My question is, DO YOU KNOW?

Shatta Wale and Sark and of course other prominent artists like Samini, Stone Buoy are household names in Ghana, enjoying their fame and of course adding some cash to their bank accounts every hour. Yet Ghanaians won’t stop judging and throwing stone at ripe mangoes they cannot reach. When are we going to stop this attitude? Now you see the HOLE in our COUNTRY?
IT IS NOT THE GITMOS. It is our mindset. If only we will change how we think, things will change for our good.
I love Ghana. I am proud to be a Ghanaian. But as a writer, a poet and an author, I cannot always keep quiet.

And you know the funny thing? One day I was passing by a church. The church members were eagerly praying. Some were rolling themselves on the floor as if they were fighting with God. On the church’s compound were three young men and a lady. They were praying so hard and speaking, “God, bless me like how you have blessed Shatta and Sark.”
I burst into laughter and off I went.
Isn’t this hilarious? I know they are not the only ones praying to God to bless them like how He has blessed Sark, Shatta, Stone Buoy, Samini, Jupiter, Bisa Kdei, and well---the list goes on.

That’s how many of us pray. “God please bless me like how you’ve blessed Dr. Mensa Otabil, Dr. Charles Agyin-Asare, and Duncan Williams…. the list goes on” Yet in our closet, we accuse these same people that they are not from God or have joined cult groups or whatever all because they have global influence. Mind you I’m not defending them. I am not defending the government. I am defending Ghanaian people. I am speaking for my children even though they are still a sperm.
Now you see how hypocrites we’re are. We ask God to bless us like the very people we claim they are not from God.
When is this going to stop? How would you describe this attitude of Ghanaians?

 “We can all get there if only we can help each other without judging.” That’s a quote from my upcoming novel called, “If I Were an American” that I’m leaving you with.

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