How are the Writers in Africa Doing?

Hi friends.
I know it has been a very long time I posted something new. Forgive me. I have been busy with my new books. You know how it feels like when you have work in progress...when your manuscript needs a doctor. :)
I am working behind the scene to complete my novels which I am planning to release hopefully next year.
I saw the demographic today. It was encouraging. I have readers from USA, UK, South Africa and the rest. Thanks for stopping by to check on what I do.
Keep me in your prayers.
Love you all.

Attitude for Success

It is such a pleasure to share with you the attitude that anyone who wants to succeed in any area of life must portray.  Embracing the right attitudes for success is crucial to achieving what you desire in life.  Whatever that may be, you can make it happen. I’ve collected what has helped me to get to where I am though I know I have not arrived yet. In sharing this with you I believe you will be motivated and inspired to apply them to your life. This is from my book which I am currently working on. 


You cannot spend four years in school and come out without anything.  Your parents have invested in you for 3 to 4 years, you cannot disappoint them. That is why you must tell yourself, I will do everything I can do to make them proud. When I was in school, my parents were not alive but I made sure I was always among the best students. From Classroom 1 or Junior High School, I was class prefect. When I entered Senior High School, I decided to hide and focus on my books, so even at Chemu Senior High School I tried to decline any position I was offered.  I ended up as the president of  Civic Education Club though.

There are millions of people in the world who have graduated from school with the chairs, tables and black or white boards they used still sitting in their minds. School life is different from the corporate world. In school we wear uniforms, in the real world, you must live by principles. That is your uniform. It cannot and should not be seen. Life is fantastic, but you are not living in a fantasy world. If you want to achieve your dreams and stand out, you have to get real to get a deal. No company or employer would employ sorry to say, an insane young man or lady. For you to get a job you have to be normal. Some people make it big in life because they just don’t go the normal way; they act like they are crazy. You must be crazy about your dream. Be careful not to fall in what I call “The Lazy-Crazy” zone. That does not mean you should go around causing harm to the people around you. You can find a right way to approach people and seek for opportunities to work with them.
It would be dangerous to leave school without knowing where you are going.  The worse is when you allow someone to take decisions on your behalf.  In a village school anytime we vacated, we would carry our tables and chairs with us home. There were no fences and at times we sat under trees. When I came to Accra, there was nothing like that. But after graduating from high school, I knew I was not supposed to take my chairs and tables with me. I left them in the school.

One thing you must know is that you cannot make any difference in your community if you don’t make any difference in your life first. What you do with your life is what influences the community in which you live. You struggled to get to school, do not leave  school empty. You must have something before you leave. That is what I told myself before I left school. And amazingly, I wrote a book before I left school. I did not leave school with just my certificate; I left with my own book in my hand. There are thousands of graduates with tables and chairs still sitting in their minds. Don’t allow that to happen to you.

The Tale of an Orphan: A Lesson to Learn