A Friend Request From God

Today when I logged on to facebook – my eyes were hunting presumptuously on just one thing --Friend Request. I barely get them so I was amazed when the red light had parachute (1). “Who do I have here?” I asked myself. I couldn’t guess as I usually do, because many a time it’s a writer, author or perhaps someone who might have spotted me in an article or a post. In fact I was skeptical.
In spite of that, I hilariously dragged my mouse and neatly place the cursor on the Tab. There I saw:
God wants to be your friend on facebook, would you accept him?  Dudes, I was really scared. Huh? “God on facebook, what would He be doing here? Isn’t He suppose to be in Heaven and answer our prayers?” I thought.
Today, as you are facebooking –remember to faithbook too. Every “facebooker” must learn to be a “faithbooker. “
God is a good God. He loves to be with us wherever we are. And He understands the facebook factor, the twitter method and the MySpace fun.
Oh my God, how wonderful it is to live knowing wherever you are God is there too to help with the big and the small things in our lives.
No matter wherever you are in the world, God wants to connect with you. My simple question is: Are you a friend of God? Not just on facebook, but are you walking with God in faith knowing He is there for you. God is even interested to hear you when you are eating, jumping or cooking. No matter how big your mistakes are, God still loves you. Its okay if you aren’t on facebook, but you must be in faithbook --God’s heart.

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